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The Corruptor 1999

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Published on Mei 14, 2016


The Corruptor 1999


Action, Crime, Drama


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Nonton Film The Corruptor 1999

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Nick Chen is one of New York City’s most martial police officers and the first Chinese-born immigrant on the force. Chen’s job is to keep the peace in Chinatown from a turf war that has broken out between the Triads and the ruthless, and dangerous Fukienese Dragons. Chen teams up with Danny Wallace, who is terribly unaware of this situation. When the Tongs boldly attempt to bribe Wallace, Chen is forced to keep his faithfulness.

Film The Corruptor (1999)
Nonton Film The Corruptor 1999 Rating: 6.0/10 (15,838 votes)
Director: James Foley
Writer: Robert Pucci
Stars: Yun-Fat Chow, Mark Wahlberg, Ric Young, Paul Ben-Victor
Runtime: 110 min
Rated: R
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Released: 12 Mar 1999
Plot: With the aid from a New York City policeman, a top immigrant cop tries to stop drug-trafficking and corruption by immigrant Chinese Triads, but things get complicated when the Triads try to bribe the policeman.

The Corruptor 1999

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